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Bridging the gap between your customers and your goals

What puts us at a competitive edge is our unique ability to assess the client’s needs while treating the client’s interests similar to our own.

We provide world class services in the following areas:

Throughout our career, we have supported some world class strategic trans-border energy projects (e.g. The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline, TANAP and TAP pipelines) which included local support too. We know how to structure such and similar projects and we know what support clients need, especially from legal standpoint.

We have broad experience and expertise in drafting and negotiating energy projects, which includes without limitation the following type of agreements:

– Procurement related agreements involving international contractors or subcontractors, such as services agreements, supply of goods and works etc. 

– Intergovernmental Agreements; Host Government Agreements; Pipeline Operatorship Agreements; Crude Oil and Natural Gas-Sale Agreements; Crude Oil and Natural Gas Transportation Agreements; Production Sharing Agreements 

– In Mergers & Acquisitions: Sale-Purchase Agreements; Shareholders’ Agreements; Articles of Association; Agreements related to the daily operations of major international JVs, such as services agreements with contractors etc. Our support here includes due diligence of the counterparties and issuance of relevant due diligence reports

Our consultancy includes new-market access and all relevant preparations in that regard, including identification of strategies etc.

This consultancy includes preparations for and tactics in negotiations whether with state owned or privately operated companies, which comes from real and long-term experience

If you are an international investor planning to invest in such countries as Turkey, we may help you to understand the local market better, connect you with the right network and help as part of your business establishment 

If you are an international investor planning to do business abroad, we may greatly help you with your strategies, tactics and legal support, including agreements governed under laws of foreign jurisdictions

We have unique capabilities in the development of compliance programs including in Codes of Conduct, Conflicts of Interest, Gifts & Entertainment, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering Policies in accordance with the applicable international standards and the requirements of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act and we specialize in regular support including trainings 

Our compliance support includes without limitation the following:

  • Creating or modifying compliance programs, which includes full-scale regular support afterwards
  • Compliance & Integrity risk management assessment 
  • Compliance & Integrity Gap assessment 
  • Integrity due diligence of counterparties (counterparty due diligence)
  • Annual Compliance Plan 
  • Compliance Risk Register 
  • Help in automation of your compliance systems
  • Fraud management procedure and fraud management investigation
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Anti-money laundering
    In addition, we are well placed in becoming external ethics & compliance officers for your company

We can help you in understanding how international sanctions work and what their impacts on your business/people might be, particularly, the US, EU and UK sanctions. We may also help with ad-hoc or regular trainings 

Whether it is a new investment you are considering or existing investment where you need to make adjustments to understand some key risks, we are here to help you

Digital security is one of the main pillars of modern business’ success. Your one vulnerability may cost you millions of dollars. We may help you here!

Cyber security is one of the top evolved risks globally for all companies globally. Its scale of impact is astonishing. We may help to protect you, your employees and your assets from cyber threats and conduct ad-hoc or regular trainings

Is your organization equipped with some basic tools in tackling cyber security? If not, we may help you as part of that

We are proud about our wide network in Türkiye and internationally, including in such countries as the USA, UK, Azerbaijan, Georgia and member countries of the European Union. If you need to grow your business, you may get in touch with us for a quick non-binding chat, where we may explore opportunities together

Most of us have goals and dreams. What if you are not able to achieve them at your organization’s level? What are the impediments? What are the modern tools you might need? And what is that fancy word “Agility”?

We are here to help!

If you are an energy company and in the process of energy transition, we are here to help you with relevant tools and methods

Is your organization efficient enough? Waste is one of the most important notions in any business. Millions of dollars are lost annually simply because some businesses have a lot of waste, such as waste of time, energy, resources etc. We may help you become more efficient and if applicable, suggest re-structuring scenarios

Covid taught many lessons to us as individuals and companies; what is performance of your people and how well do they perform? Do you need to make adjustments? Are they happy with their current work environment?

We may help you as part of such queries and answers.

You might be at the phase of negotiating an important deal and get stuck on some provisions, which may sound as a deadlock. We may help you find a common ground through our mediation efforts. And if the matter has already evolved to a potential arbitration stage, we may help you too!

If you are facing with a possibility of an international arbitration or have received a notice of dispute, we may help you with preliminary analysis of your case and setting out further road map

If you are facing with a dispute between your company and a counter party, we are best positioned to help you to try to resolve the dispute to save your time and resources before the matter goes to arbitration or court. We have seen many perspectives and are known for our ability to find a common ground!

We have strong experience in managing international JVs and we can help you as part of your daily support. We may also help you as part of investor updates and Board presentations

In today’s globalized world, every employee is a leader of the company. We may help you grow potential of your employees and your managers through dedicated trainings and conversations.

If you need access to local lawyers or law firms and obtain Turkish law advice, we may help you in contacting the relevant lawyer or law firm best suiting your needs and arranging this scope of work for you

Our trainings’ portfolio is rich and encompasses unique and exclusive trainings in the following areas:

  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Cyber security
  • Sanctions
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Staff & individual motivation
  • Mental health

Another quite interesting and unique training in our portfolio is: “Interaction of in-house counsels with external counsels, what are the main pitfalls?” This training shall especially be useful for law firms and as any other training in our portfolio, it is tailored to your needs by populating your organization’s queries in advance

Our purpose includes contribution to the protection of our environment including protection of strained animals, whether through awareness raising sessions or otherwise. We are open to cooperation with other organizations in order to grow number of such projects

We are proud about our wide network in Türkiye and internationally, including in such countries as the USA, UK, Azerbaijan, Georgia and member countries of the European Union. If you need to grow your business, you may get in touch with us for a quick non-binding chat, where we may explore opportunities together

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