Our Values

Our values define the way we work and communicate with others. Our values are the foundation of our Code of Conduct. We stand by our values, strongly believe into our values and we embed them into how we work.

Our values are:

Safety & security

We believe into safe work environment which includes both real and virtual life. Everything we do relies upon the safety of our workforce and the communities around us. We are also committed to protecting the environment

Trust & Respect

We trust each other and our purpose is to become your trusted advisors. Nothing starts without trust. Nothing! We want our clients to know that their business is in trusted hands.

We respect those around us and treat everyone with respect, care and dignity. We treat everyone including our own employees the same way as we would like to be treated ourselves


It is all about team work and we care deeply about our own and external teams and the work they produce. We care about relationships with our employees and are committed to their growth


We are able to face challenging situations, to speak up when necessary and stand by what we believe. We always aim to do the right thing. We value every opinion and encourage hearing from every voice

Continuous improvement

We aim at being more productive every day compared to yesterday and we work hard to ensure that happens


About us

The Consultant - an international and independent consultancy company.

As our founder – Elshad Rustamov says, we are not an ordinary consultancy company.
We have some unique knowledge, skill set and expertise, which we are bringing into the Turkish market and beyond.