Slogan and purpose

Slogan and purpose

Our slogan:

The Consultant – Gets things done!

We get things done with care, values and responsibility.

Our purpose is to become your trusted advisors!

As part of our purpose, we will treat your money as our own in whatever assignment you have trusted us with.

Any client is a long-term relationship for us and we care deeply to preserve such relationship.

Our slogan and purpose are fulfilled in compliance with our values and our Code of Conduct.

At the same time, we want to be a responsible global citizen and we believe any person and any company shall play its role in it,

therefore our purpose includes contribution to the protection of our environment including protection of strained animals,

whether through awareness raising sessions or otherwise.

About us

The Consultant - an international and independent consultancy company.

As our founder – Elshad Rustamov says, we are not an ordinary consultancy company.
We have some unique knowledge, skill set and expertise, which we are bringing into the Turkish market and beyond.